"Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success"

The world is waking up. It’s no secret anymore.

Research shows there is a deep and unmistakable connection between the physical and non-physical and that our thoughts have extraordinary power. Achievement of desired outcomes can be enhanced and determined by our consciousness. What does that mean? Simple.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Are you happy with your reality? Are you finding it difficult to achieve your goals, to find love, to make money? Feeling like you are never going to figure it all out?

You will. You landed on this page because you’re ready.

This is the magic of Neuro-Spiritual Science. 

Neuro-Spiritual Science is the science of thought or consciousness.  Understanding how thoughts control our behavior and success in life allows us to access our greatness.        

“Ron Schlegel’s Neuro-Spiritual Science is combining deep spiritual healing modalities with proven principles of success in a way that’s been missing from the personal development landscape. This is a game-changer.”

– Gina Hussar, Writer, Speaker and Brand Alignment Strategist.

Through the combined modalities of Neuro-spiritual science you will embark on a guided journey during which you will access your extraordinary self, resulting in emotional healing, improved personal performance, and better outcomes for your life, your business and your most important relationships. 

If you’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked, this is for you.

Here are just a few of the outcomes people have experienced:

- Improved Performance at work

- Improved Life Satisfaction

- Improved Sleep

- A dramatic increase in self esteem and confidence

- Clarity of life purpose

- Increased Income

- Joy and Sense of Fulfillment

- Improved Relationships

- Finding their ideal partner

- Reduced Physical Pain and Tension

- Less stress, more joy

- Restoration of health and well-being

- Business growth

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, there is a Neuro-spiritual solution that can help. 


Ron Schlegel has intuitive and clairsentient abilities beyond the ordinary. He is able to consciously connect to the energetics of the person and their external environment such as family, workplace, and the community. He is able to help realign those energies, which fosters heathier relationships, life satisfaction, and success. Ron attunes to the beliefs, attitudes, expectations, emotions and the energetic forces at work within us, as well as the quantum field of energy connecting us and the environment we inhabit. Click here to read more...


Until You Make The Unconscious Conscious It Will Direct Your Life And You Will Call It Fate.  CG Jung

Research shows that at least 95% of our behavior is driven by our subconscious mind.  

You Can't be anything you don't think you are - Once you discover who you are you can be anything you want!


"Before, I felt like I was dead inside, now I feel vibrantly alive.  I do specifically recommend Ron Schlegel. His professional skill combined with his intuition helped me to discover the root of my problems very quickly. He is adept at combining  PSYCH-K with other modalities. He is unfailingly calm, accepting, and encouraging, especially in the tough moments. I am truly grateful for the changes he has helped me bring about in my life. Sincerely, Julie A."


Along life's journey, I have come to value Ron Schlegel as remarkably gifted and compassionate,counselor, wise healer and friend.


Ron can tap the deep well of intuitive guidance, help mine the subconscious, transform deep-set negatives into positive outcomes, and guide us to the peace at the core of our being.


Whether dealing with profound suffering or struggling with practical challenges that spike fear and throw up roadblocks to success, I sincerely recommend that you reach out to Ron.