Imagine Healing on a Deep Level and Making Real Change in Your Life!

Ron Schlegel is a holistic consultant available to help people reach their full potential by healing emotional trauma and turmoil, removing energetic and subconscious blocks and accessing frequencies of abundance and success.

Through Ron Schlegel's Quantum Access, you will embark on a guided journey during which you will access your extraordinary self, resulting in emotional healing, improved personal performance for you, and better outcomes for your business or organization.

Whether you engage Ron Schlegel's Quantum Access one time or over a span of time, you will find his intuitive findings and guidance is accompanied with integrity, honesty and commitment as well as useful results.

Ron Schlegel's Quantum Access is built on professional education and training in unblocking the subconscious as well as a keenly honed clairsentient ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others.  

As a client, you will be led through a five step process with Ron Schlegel:

1. You dialogue with Ron in person, over Skype or by phone. Ron listens and discerns the stated issue and the "real" issue.

2. Next, using his skills and training, Ron analyzes what is going on, interpreting the energetic field or environment, your subconscious thoughts as well as the personal and psychological issues at play.

3. Ron isolates the emotional, behavioral, subconscious and energetic blocks (as well as imperatives) at play within you and/or your organization. Ron's analysis includes a wide range of blocks, distortions, aspirations and goals affecting how you are progressing.

4. Next Ron applies various techniques to address the distortions and needs, which include: 

  • Energy healing  &
  • Cognitive understanding.  

5. Lastly, clients learn how to manage their own energetic environment: 

  • They are provided techniques and tools they can use going forward, such as the self-administered "most benevolent outcome" approach, the setting up of a multidimensional support team, and the establishment of rapport with the higher self.

A New World

Through a transformational process called Quantum Access, Ron Schlegel assists individuals and organizations in releasing old world patterns of behavior and belief and replacing them with new healthier and rewarding ways of thinking and being.

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The Quantum Access service acknowledges that civilization is in a transition from a culture of competition and scarcity to a way of operating that is based on cooperation and abundance.

The old world is comprised of individuals in a mechanistic system where only the fittest survive and where the most powerful create human society.

The new world is such that humans, as spiritual beings, are both a part of and draw from a timeless, limitless field of energy that is always available to support and guide us.

Ron has established Quantum Access as a consultancy offering personal and group assistance for navigating the changes within individuals and the immediate environment. As a person changes they influence the organizations in which they operate. As the energetics of the organization change it influences the people that function within it.

Ron assists clients in three ways:

1. Subconscious clearing – Ron helps individuals clear traumas and limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious using a process called:

Many of these traumatic memories and limiting beliefs are installed in the earliest years of a person’s life and have distorted their views of the world and blocked access to a successful and fulfilling life.

Research shows that about 95% of human behavior is driven by the subconscious mind. As the old memories and limiting beliefs are addressed, new empowering beliefs are installed.

PSYCH-K is a process originated by Rob Williams, is a blend of tools for facilitating change at the subconscious level:

Ron is a Preferred PSYCH-K Affiliate.  

Learn More About This Amazing Gift To Humanity


2. Energetic solutions – Ron has intuitive and clairsentient abilities beyond the ordinary. He is able to consciously connect to the energetics of the person and their external environment such as family, workplace, and the community. He is able to help realign those energies, which fosters heathier relationships, life satisfaction, and success. Ron attunes to beliefs, attitudes, expectations, emotions and the energetic forces at work within us, as well as the quantum field of energy connecting us and the environment we inhabit. See below for more about the energy field.

3. Psychotherapy foundation – With more than 35 years of experience as a practicing psychotherapist trained in a variety of clinical modalities, Ron engages clients with a deep understanding and respect for the human psyche. 

Quantum Access Paradigm

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Quantum Access is based on a worldview that:

1. Recognizes a universal field of energy or system connecting all things physical and non-physical,

2. Understands the enormous potential of the subconscious mind to affect personal achievement outcomes, and

3. Acknowledges the practicalities of day to day human experience.

Philosophy of the Field

The physical and the non-physical world are interconnected by a field of energy. This field connects us all. The energy field is influenced by our individual thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as well as the collective thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of others. The field, therefore, influences us and we influence the field.

How is this possible?

In quantum mechanics, observer and observed are not separate. The physicist observer has an effect on that being observed. He or she not only views the quantum particle, but also becomes part of the system in which that particle is being observed. [A key component in all formal definitions of Quantum Mechanics is that the effect of the observer on the physical system being observed must be understood as part of that system.]

The same extends beyond the physics lab to us and the context in which we live. Peter Baksa Author of “The Point of Power,” wrote in The Huffington Post,

"Our thoughts are governed by the rules of quantum mechanics … All those same weird things about quantum mechanics that describe how an electron or photon behaves, apply to you and your thoughts as well... We are in the field, entangled with everything we've ever encountered, the environment around us and the rest of the universe …"

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The field is accessible to all of us. Ron Schlegel has developed the ability to access and interpret the dynamics at play within the field on behalf of you as an individual as well as an organization or group of people with which you are associated. Ron also teaches you ways to access the field on your own.

Through Ron Schlegel and Quantum Access you will be able to Interpret and understand the energies of the field at play within you, your social network, organizations, and the environment as a whole.

Creating New Outcomes

With this ability, you will work with Ron to clear the energetic interference and limiting beliefs, as well as install empowering beliefs that can affect and change your personal well-being, your financial and material resources, your social situation and organizational relationships.

How is this possible?

Research shows there is a connection between the physical and non-physical and that our thoughts have power. Achievement of desired outcomes can be enhanced by our consciousness. Indeed, it can be said our thoughts create our reality.

However, the achievement of desired outcomes or creation of the reality you want can be blocked by the thoughts and emotions which make up your individual and group consciousness.

Think of personal consciousness as your own awareness—how you or any individual perceives and interprets his or her environment, including beliefs, intentions, attitudes, emotions, and all aspects of his or her subjective experience. In contrast, collective consciousness is how a group (an institution, a society, a species) perceives and translates the world around them.

Personal consciousness has two additional components, the conscious mind and subconscious mind. From the perspective of the brain, only a small part of our mental activity is managed in current moments and short term memory. Within each of us as individuals, it’s the subconscious mind that enables us to function "automatically" on many levels, even simultaneously. It's the subconscious mind that allows one to drive a vehicle and hold a conversation, resulting in our arrival at the destination.

Clearing Subconscious Blockages

Our subconscious mind is a vast warehouse of memories, beliefs, and even traumas that can skew our intended outcomes. If we are not reaching our desired goals then a good place to look for the answer is in our subconscious mind. Indeed, this energy field can become so distorted, that even our determined goals and best intentions can become blocked.

“The profoundly important fact is that dis-empowering programs in the subconscious mind can be quickly rewritten,” reports Dr. Bruce Lipton in "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles" (2005).

For us as individuals, the subconscious can be modified to remove blocks and actualize our intended outcomes. When we free up our limiting beliefs, traumas, and unresolved emotional stress, then we are able to rise to higher levels of active consciousness and access solutions and performance outside of the ordinary.

Who can use Quantum Access? 

  • Individuals for whom things are not working out the way they would like. These clients are often organizational leaders such as a school principal, business owner or organizational leader. They are ready to move forward, but don’t quite know how to make progress. In addition, the progress they are seeking requires more than standard management practices, such as goal setting and strategic planning.
  • Individuals seeking to make a step change from one level to the next. They know a change is needed, but they don't know what actions to take, or the actions they have tried are not working. 
  • Individuals seeking a more fulfilling life. They may not be living a very satisfying life and saying to themselves, "nothing has worked!" They find themselves in frustration, being "stuck," and running in place. There may be some factors behind these conditions, where Quantum Access can help. 
  • People who want to improve their personal performance. What are the benefits of you working with Ron Schlegel and Quantum Access? Depending on you, your situation and your needs the benefits can vary. For example:  Some people will experience improved outcomes in personal performance.  Others will realize a gain in prosperity and wealth for themselves or the production of revenue or net income for the organization they lead.  It's possible you will more readily access your extraordinary self.  You could see improved outcomes in business as well as personal life satisfaction. 

You Can't be anything you don't think you are - Once you discover who you are you can be anything you want!


"Before, I felt like I was dead inside, now I feel vibrantly alive.  I do specifically recommend Ron Schlegel. His professional skill combined with his intuition helped me to discover the root of my problems very quickly. He is adept at combining PSYCH-K with other modalities. He is unfailingly calm, accepting, and encouraging, especially in the tough moments. I am truly grateful for the changes he has helped me bring about in my life. Sincerely, Julie A."


Until You Make The Unconscious Conscious It Will Direct Your Life And You Will Call It Fate.  CG Jung


Depending on you, your situation and your needs the benefits can vary. For example some people have experienced: 

Improved Performance, Life Satisfaction, Sleep, Self Esteem, Improved Quality of Life, Enthusiasm, Increased Income, Finding Meaning and Purpose, Joy and Sense of Fulfillment, Improved Relationships, Reduced Physical Tension


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