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Protect Yourself From Toxins and EMF Pollution and Disruptive Energies

These Products Really Work

Do you want alternative products that promote wellness and balance your energy system?  Below are some of the products I personally use and have experienced wonderful benefits from.  I love them so much I have decided to represent them on my website.  I am affiliated with the makers of these products and do receive a percentage of the sale but I only have products here that I have used and am passionate about in terms of their heath benefits.     

Protect Your Self from polluted water and transform it into an amazing liquid energy.  Learn about Structured Water Below!

I personally own the whole house Jivara Device and the Infinity Wave VitaJuwel.

VitaJuwel Infinity Water Bottle

VitaJuwel Infinity Water Bottle

Jivara Under Sink 24K GolD

Jivara Under Sink 24K GolD

Gina Bria is the founder of the Hydration Foundation and with Dr. Dana Cohen she co-authored the book Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body through the New Science of Optimal Hydration. In this video, Patrick Durkin from The Wellness Enterprise interviews her about what she has discovered about the energy of water.

EMF Protection That Really Works!  

Do you know how dangerous the radiation is from your computer, cell phone, or your home electrical meter?  

I am very sensitive to energy and get headaches when I am at a computer or use my cell phone.  I have struggled with health problems that I am convinced now are being caused by EMF. 

I have found a company that has found a solution.  It is backed by scientific research and over 30 years of development. 

I can't tell you how much better I felt right away after using Earth Calm Products. 

They have a 90 day money back guarantee!

Click Here to take back your health and protect yourself from one of the biggest threats to our health today. 



MetaForms CAusal Generator & MetaTrons Cube seen her with an I Connect

MetaForms CAusal Generator & MetaTrons Cube seen her with an I Connect


“Earthing named #3 in top 10 spa and wellness trends for 2013”

Spafinder Wellness Trend Report

I don't let a day go by without Earthing!  

Reconnect to the Earth's energy. You body will love it!


Flower of Sunlight

Want more energy?  

This is the next amazing generation of Quantum Technology Products, utilizing our sun's waveform, which includes everything our sun is. Flower of Sunlight has found a wide range of profound and beneficial effects for most body types. Their products simply work to harmonize the body’s cellular communication, restoring vital energy and enhancing performance while helping to maintain proper energetic balance.  

Get 20% Off - Use the Code Neuro - Click Here to Go to the Flower of Sunlight website. 


Dark Slate Pendant 200 & 400

Supercharge your meditations and energy overall by combining a Dark Slate Pendant with the Flower of Sunlight.  

  • Flower of Sunlight Pendants are made from the highest quality Hematine and are perfect carriers for our unique Permanent Quantum Infusion.

  • Thin leather strap included.