Heal Your Relationship with Money!


Heal Your Relationship with Money!

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This powerful subconscious block clearing and empowering belief download audio program will assist you in changing your underlying beliefs about money.  Research shows that about 95% of our behavior is driven by our subconscious. Therefore, if you believe that you do not deserve money, your behavior will be of a person who is unworthy of having money.  In addition, energetically you will keep money from coming into your life.  

This mp3 which is best listened to using stereo headphones because it is encoded with state of the art technology that will assist you in getting into a Theta Brain Wave State. While in Theta and listening to this deeply relaxing music I will be energetically clearing your subconscious blocks related to money. In addition I will be installing empowering beliefs related to money. All you have to do is give me permission and say “Yes” to each empowering belief and “Clear That” to each limiting belief. 

Keep in mind, many of our limiting beliefs are unconscious and you may be unaware of them. If you are not sure you need a subconscious block cleared or a belief downloaded go ahead and give permission anyway. If you do not need the clearing or download, nothing will happen.

Most beliefs will be cleared or down loaded successfully the first time. However, you can listen to this recording as many times as you like. Should you feel some beliefs are not releasing or integrating into your subconscious you may need assistance in locating the route cause of the blockage. I am available by phone or Skype through my website RonSchlegel.com.

This process of block clearing and downloading is subtle yet powerful. Change on this level can result in you feeling uncomfortable for a day or two as you adjust to your new belief system. This is normal. It is a form of detox from your old way of thinking.  

The actual clearing and downloading sections last about 20 minutes. Much happens in those 20 minutes on a subconscious level.  

Some of the 39 blocks that will be cleared are:  I have to work hard to make money, money is bad, If I make a lot of money I will feel guilty, If I have a lot of money I will be corrupted, I can't save money.  

Some of the 31 empowering beliefs that will be downloaded are:  I am worthy of having money, I know how to save money, I allow money to come to me, I am free of debt now, I am worthy of being wealthy. 

Relax, enjoy the process, and "Heal Your Relationship With Money.     

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