Q: Is PSYCH-K® just as effective over the phone or Skype.? 

A: Yes, PSYCH-K® is easy to demonstrate and facilitate over the phone or Skype.  

Q: Will I have to share personal details during a session?  

A: No, one of the wonderful components of PSYCH-K® is that digging up and sharing the details of past traumas is not necessary.  You decide how much you wish to share.  Some people like to share the details of their limiting beliefs or traumas because they feel it is more helpful, but it is not necessary.  

Q:   Will PSYCH-K® make me forget or erase my past?

A:   No, PSYCH-K® cannot erase or make you forget your past, nor is this that the goal.  The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all that has ever happened in your life and it cannot be erased. However, utilizing  PSYCH-K® shifts the emotional charge associated with past events to a place of neutrality. The “record” of any and all events still exists, but the emotional charge tied to the event is greatly or entirely diminished. Additionally, new neural pathways appear to be generated in the brain allowing the “hard drive” of the subconscious to theoretically re-route around the challenging or distressing events so they aren’t being accessed as they once were.

Q:   Will the trauma come back?

A: Your new state of peace with a past trauma is expected to last. However, you may experience new trauma in your life and that new trauma may feel like it is opening an old wound. I have not experienced that but should that happen PSYCH-K® can quickly and easily address the new situation.

Q:  Is PSYCH-K® limited to trauma?

A:  No, PSYCH-K® consists of the most dynamic set of processes I have ever used in my life! I haven’t found anything in my own life I can’t use PSYCH-K to help with. Everything I use them with shifts. My old life patterns are hardly recognizable to me. I make changes faster and faster now, and my life continues to become more magically wonderful in every way. If I can do it, anyone can.

Q:   Will other people notice I have changed after using PSYCH-K®?

A:   Many of the people I have facilitated a session with have reported others noticing how they have changed.  Of course, it is best if we change for ourselves and not others.  However, our changing can and does impact others.  They may or may not be consciously aware of it. When we change ourselves, others interact with us differently.  Our changing has impact in ways that go beyond our understanding at times. For example, a seemingly small change in ourselves now can lead to our living very different life in the future.  This new fork in the road leads to a whole new adventure because it is devoid of the emotional charge of the past trauma. 

Q:   How long does a PSYCH-K® Balance last?

A:   PSYCH-K® Balances seem to last until they are no longer useful to the subconscious mind, or until you decide to balance for a new goal which supersedes the previous goal.  PSYCH-K® enables you to consciously direct key changes in your life with ease and flexibility.

Q:   Does Neuro-Spiritual Science session or PSYCH-K® work for everyone?

A:   NO, PSYCH-K® or energy work is not a “perfect fit” for everyone and that’s OK!  When we are naturally or intuitively drawn to something it is usually an indicator of a good fit for us at that time.   Let you inner guidance speak to you about Ron's Services and honor that knowing.