Do you have any of these symptoms - fear, doubt, worry, panic, anger, immobility, self loathing, sense of abandonment, shutting down emotionally etc?  If so these may be signs of hidden trauma.  

Anthony Williams the author of "Medical Medium, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal" states that:  "PTSD in its true definition is the experience of lingering negative feelings that result from any adverse encounter, and limit a person in any way." 

Do you suffer from emotional trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

"PSYCH-K® Unlocks Trauma on a Subconscious Level"

This rapid mindset technology works deeply on a sub-conscious level to heal emotional wounds and transform limiting beliefs no matter when they occurred in your life.  The effectiveness is supported by years of research in neuro-psychology using brain mapping (see below).  

PSYCH-K is a relatively easy tool for accessing your own sub-conscious where much of our emotional baggage is stored. 


PSYCH-K® is a Safe and Effective Process That Allows You to Change Your Own Subconscious Beliefs and Traumas. You are shown how to take back control of your own subconscious during a PSYCH-K session. 

PSYCH-K is well suited to phone/Skype sessions, easy to do, gentle and efficient. I have worked with many people to release their traumas, fears, and self doubt so they can find the peace they are looking for. It is possible to get your life back to the way you want it. There is hope! Note: you do not need to talk about your stressful past if you do not want to. Some people find relief in talking about their past but others do not because it is just too painful. You do not need to talk about a trauma to heal it. 

Modern science can now map the brain and show how PSYCH-K quickly and easily releases the stored emotional trauma.  

Jeffrey L. Fannin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has been involved in brain neuroscience for over 15 years. Dr. Fannin has extensive experience training the brain for optimal performance to improve brain function, enhance mental and emotional dexterity. Dr. Fannin was part of a research team at Arizona State University researching neuroscience and leadership; including work at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Below is a brain map of his own brain before and after experiencing PSYCH-K.  


There are four main types of PTSD symptoms:

  1. Re-Experiencing the Event

  2. Feeling Worse About Yourself

  3. Hyper-arousal (easily startled)

  4. Avoidance

Any kind of trauma such as physical or emotional abuse, rape, car accident, earth quake etc. can result in PTSD. This devastating illness is not just limited to those who are exposed to combat. Although combat PTSD can result in some of the most severe forms of PTSD.  Many people have PTSD and do not even know they have it. Learn more about PTSD by watching this excellent 3 minute video created by the Veterans Administration. (Ron Schlegel has had the honor of serving those who have served.  He worked for the Veteran administration for over 9 years as a therapist).

You no longer need to be a victim of PTSD. 

 Take Back Your life!  Try PSYCH-K®

"You Have Nothing to Lose & Everything to Gain"