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Ron, thank you so much for our session together.  I enjoyed the process and working with you so much. 

As I said to you on our call, you have a very kind approach and I felt I could trust you which made our session easy and fun.

I loved that you married your intuitive gifts with your Psych-K practise and I'm sure your many years of experience in the psychology field. 

That made the session a perfect fit  for me. Veronica

Ron, the work you do is magical and you are the perfect alchemist!  You have a beautiful heart and it shows. Kathleen

Hi Ron -- I've had awesome results, some of which were unexpected but in a very good way.  

First of all, While I had had a long day, I still felt energetic.  The very next day, I had to attend Bail Court.  I felt none of the stress I normally feel in that situation.  I felt no pressure at all.  My courtroom advocacy came so easy to me.  I was able to conduct the entire bail hearing without any notes (which is a first).  I just felt it was unnecessary.  The client was released, which was great, but I did not have the same dread that I usually feel as I waited for the Court's deliberations.  In fact, during the hearing while the Crown cross-examined my client, I went through my email correspondence, receiving emails and sending replies.  I was able to focus on all tasks at the same time without missing a thing, without any urgency or feeling overwhelmed.  It was remarkable and wonderful. 

I have also noticed that a lot of my joint pain has disappeared in my ankles, knees and hips.  I have recurring back pain as well, which appears to have subsided completely so far.

I am very heartened by this success.  I will be touch again as soon as I feel that I have the ready resources to schedule 7 sessions. 

Thank you, Ron. The session was (as usual) very profound and extremely liberating for me. I appreciate your talents. The theme of expectations completely shifted my perception of who I am, and who I am not. It was deeply insightful and transformative. I now feel less pressured and imperfect, realizing the extreme expectations I've had all my life. It's been such a burden. Literally. I think it is at the root of my scoliosis and social anxiety. I am so much more relaxed in my body.  Paula

Thank you for your beautiful help.  I thought of you while on vacation with my family with which I had some issues at some point in my life.  

Thanks to you I could think about the resolutions that we defined according to my needs and wants when I had to face some people and situations that seemed insurmountable before I met you.  I could easily handle all the issues I was exposed to.  Thanks to your kind and valuable phrases you prepared for me, and that I practiced, I could naturally deal with everybody and anybody that would endlessly argue. 

I felt free and light, like a feather sent by God. 

With gratitude and much respect, 


Dear Ron, 

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for helping me in this last year. Your work restored joy and levity to my life and gave momentum to the trajectory I am attempting!!  All is progressing!

Last night, I had a small gathering of friends around my fireplace and a very dear, elderly friend for the millionth time told the story of a very tough childhood. She climbed to great heights out of that terrible start, but some part of her soul is stuck there. Still the hurt child.  I've encouraged her to come to you. 

I mention this because in the past, hearing her story would trigger me to want to relate "my family tale of anguish" but I don't dwell there any more. Sure it happened, but I experience it more as a wonder and more and more with compassion, instead of horror and emotional blocks. I thank you for that shift!! PK

I muscle tested the mp3 "Heal Your Relationship with Money" and it was verified that the changes were made. I really felt myself in the theta brain state. It is very well done. MP

When my dad died in March 2016 after a 12-year battle with Alzheimer's, I felt traumatized and suffered from grief and insomnia. I was in grief counseling for months but didn't seem to make much improvement. Then I met Ron and tried one of his free Psych-K sessions. Immediately, I could feel the shift in my body, and I felt a weight lifted after our first session. Ron is intuitive and picked up on things I never would have considered. We downloaded statements that were tailored especially for me. After our third session, I noticed a big change. I no longer suffer from insomnia and my overall outlook is so much brighter. Thank you, thank you, Ron!


Thank you for amazing help! My PTSD is no longer present. God bless you and yours, Kate

This session lifted up my whole soul Ron. Thank you! You energy is soothing and healing. You are working inside your gift for sure. I love what you said about this being your canvas. The imagery of that is expansive. I was actually thinking that before you said it. That this therapy does for you what my writing does for me. Thank you being an example for me of living the expression of your truth and soul simply and proudly. GJ

Ron, It has been almost a month since our first session and I am very happy how things are changing for better for me. Lots of release has happened during first and last belief programming - the shifts that really changed my behavior on everyday basis, my self talk.

Also I have noticed that I tend to put my self first as well much more often that before. ZD


What an amazing experience and session that was. I can’t wait to document my progress forward. Thank you so much for the synopsis as well; it is VERY MUCH appreciated 

You’re truly gifted. It was an honor; thank you.  I had been searching pretty much most of my lifetime for the key on the adoption situation. Spending huge amounts of time on it. I’ve gone to many people that perhaps just couldn’t see outside of the traditional to understand my disconnect; it help me piece things together. I was blown away today. I’m so tickled. Thank you for helping me. You have no idea how much that moment meant to me. The relief and freedom that I felt in that instant was (and is) profound.  

I hope to be reaching out again in the near future! 

Many Blessings to you!


As anyone who has ever seen a therapist in the past may know, it can take some time before feeling comfortable enough to open up. Ron has a way of making you feel instantly at home and this allowed me to go deeper than I had initially expected. Another unexpected perk was that Ron is an intuitive energy healer as well and his insights are extremely on point. The combination of his intuition with his expertise with Psych K made me feel like I was getting more out of my session than I would have had I done with just any Psych K practitioner. Do yourself a favor and try Psych- K with Ron- a wise and gifted guide. Marie Legge

I just want to let you know how much the last session really helped me navigate through my life. When a situation comes up I allow myself to feel emotions that arise, however, I don’t feel like I stay attached to the dis-ease for as long as I normally would so I'm very happy with the results so far, thank you for your support and calming energy. SR

Thank you Ron for being such a compassionate, intuitive, patient facilitator of PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K has helped transform my life to be more light hearted, empowered, confident, and connected to the greater world around me. The subtle process worked profoundly and I can’t express enough gratitude to you for your availability, for your openness, and for your beautiful heart! Thank you so much!Much Aloha, Katharine 

Ron, thank you for helping me become “Invincible” woman. You have changed my life forever, or at least helped me change it. I will never forget our journey together. Thank you for helping me become who I was meant to be! RT

Hi Ron!! I’ve been thinking about our session, right after the session I spoke to my husband. We’ve been having problems with everything lately. There are so many things going on and I approached him (something I don’t usually do) and talked about my feelings. About why I’ve been feeling frustrated, angry and how I was feeling right after the session. It was like if a big load of bricks were taken off my shoulders. ...I can remember what at some point made me feel pain and now I remembered them without pain... I cried yesterday because when my husband hugged me it was sooooo different I could feel love. I just cried and realize how beautiful it was to feel love. It is not that he doesn’t do it, it is that I felt it differently. I can’t explain it.       Leslie Loza

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much working with you means to me. To my wife and I actually. Your gift of insight and the way you facilitated the process have been truly transformative. I have had more growth and awareness in the last few months than I had in 5 years of talk therapy and EMDR. I am truly grateful. 

One of the most important and moving moments was really feeling seen. Even though that vision was not necessarily one I would be proud of, you definitely saw me. The me I have been my whole life and hidden away. There is real freedom in that. Freedom and healing and growth and change. Kevin  

I cannot believe the absolute joy I am feeling right now.   I am usually a very happy person, but the joy and peace.  It has been a very long time since I have felt this way.

Thank you is not enough.  I look forward to the days to come . Oh yeah...I haven't stopped smiling.  Willis says my skin seems brighter and my eyes are dancing again.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  KH

"I came to psych-k after a long search for a solution to debilitating anxiety that had been triggered by a medical emergency. I had already tried a functional medicine physician, traditional therapy, the Holosync meditation program, and clearing negative emotions using The Emotion Code. All of these helped a lot in their way, but I just couldn't get to feeling really good

It wasn't until I did my first psych-k session that I discovered a profound spiritual insecurity that was underlying my anxiety. In my second session I dealt with a formerly hidden trauma. That balance provided profound relief, and truly helped me see the world through different eyes. That session ranks up there as one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I have had four sessions so far, and every balance has been important and unique, a puzzle piece that contributes to seeing the full picture of myself. 

I have changed so much in this process. In addition to reduced anxiety, I have opened up to amazing spiritual experiences. Before, I felt like I was dead inside, now I feel vibrantly alive. I have so much more energy than I used to have, and seem to need less sleep. Additionally, I've experienced physical improvements, such as weight loss and cessation of my liver/gallbladder problems. In my opinion, removing the burden of hidden traumas and limiting beliefs from my subconscious mind allowed my body to function better and heal.

I love that psych-k, unlike hypnosis, is a way of dealing with subconscious issues "on your own", meaning that the process takes place within your own mind. However, I do specifically recommend Ron Schlegel as a facilitator. His professional skill combined with his intuition helped me to discover the root of my problems very quickly. He is adept at combining psych-k with other modalities. He is unfailingly calm, accepting, and encouraging, especially in the tough moments. I am truly grateful for the changes he has helped me bring about in my life. Sincerely, Julie A."

Along life's journey, I have come to value Ron Schlegel as remarkably gifted and compassionate, a counselor, wise healer and friend.

Ron can tap the deep well of intuitive guidance, help mine the subconscious, transform deep-set negatives into positive outcomes, and guide us to the peace at the core of our being.

Whether dealing with profound suffering or struggling with practical challenges that spike fear and throw up roadblocks to success, I sincerely recommend that you reach out to Ron. AG



Thank you very much for our help. You have been very helpful to me. 

You did some great work for me. I don't afraid of the darkness like I used to be.

Life is getting better and easier for me. I am also very appreciate your have been helping for my family members. 

They are getting a lot better.  I know that they will be fine. Sharon


So many things on the positive happening... like increasing my income by 30-50k.  Have just started working with medical consulting firm, doing genetic cancer screenings...for doctor's offices.   Make $500 per and am able to hire assistants..  so can have a team of 3-4 people. That way 3 or 4 doctors offices in one day...

You, my friend helped with that.   I am so very grateful.  

Hi Ronald, I'm truly grateful for the breakthroughs I've encountered through your wisdom. By going inward, I feel like I've claimed my power back. I also really appreciated the symbolism you interpreted, it made me really feel a sense of peace. After our session, followed by a 3 hour nap, I felt more grounded, safe, and connected to myself and to other people. 

Also, thank you for the follow up notes. I will continue to practice these affirmations. I can't thank you enough! 

I'll definitely be in touch very soon to schedule another session. 

All the best,


Thanks so  much for your care in helping me heal. I sincerely appreciate you.  I have tried different therapists for years,  but I have no doubt God saved the best for last. My dream is to be a healer as the world is full of broken, hurting and imprisoned souls. Thanks for allowing Spirit to use you in this way.

Blessings in all you do. AS

Ron, I wanted to thank you for our session and just let you know that I am feeling pretty darn wonderful. I am very very impressed at how quickly and smoothly the PSYCH-K process worked.

Quite a lot has changed, especially my concept of time. All of a sudden, I don’t feel that frenzied rush. It is not as though I have forgotten the feeling but rather that I now have a choice. I can do something in a hurried way or not. What freedom! 

I have also found it much easier to focus on one thing without my mind either freezing nor trying to race to the next thing, more of a natural fluidity. This has been really helpful with my vision practice.

These internal changes are manifesting in my body and creating new posture. The process still seems to be unfolding! Leda

I am doing really well! I have definitely noticed a major shift. Almost immediately I began to realize that I should be using my talents instead of trying to sell insurance. I came up with a brilliant idea for a business (which I cannot believe I hadn't thought of before...talk about blocks!). I reached out to some moms I know for their feedback on the idea and the response was overwhelmingly positive...so much so that I got my 1st booking that same day!  

In the past, if I ever had an idea for a business or a way to use my talents to make money, I could hear the negative chatter in my mind and I wouldn't follow through. I would sabotage myself before I even got it started. And here is where I see the biggest shift...  I am taking steps and I am following through. Having that 1st booking is a God send because it gives me a goal and a deadline. 

I am very thankful for the work you are doing with me. I would like to continue and book another session. JD

I want to share an experience I had with a healing I received with Ron Schlegel in his use of Psych K

I have been struggling with sciatic nerve pain for many years. I had surgery in 2010 and knew that I needed to use holistic alternative methods to address it. The doctors told me that it is disc degenerative disease and will continue to degenerate. I decided that would not be my future. Over the years I have done many therapies, Reiki, massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, light therapy and many others. I have found them all useful to a degree. It was much better but I still experienced discomfort and sometimes being very uncomfortable. In working with Ron, he used a method in Psych K to actually ask the pain center what the problem was and how to resolve it. It was quite amazing what follows. My pain behaved as an adolescent boy, stating that he wasn’t going to help unless he knew what I would do for him. He went on to state that over the years I have not taken care of him (him being sciatic pain.) l was floored. It reminded me of my sons who behaved angrily at that age. I was able to identify when I had the first experience of sciatic pain. I was pregnant with my first child and the circumstances were very stressful. I was able to identify the initial state and work on those core beliefs that were driving the pain messages. Since then I have also learned that the sciatic pain is a pathway that my body has used to indicate to me when I was stressed and uncomfortable in a situation. I was able to have this cleared and now can identify when a situation is upsetting me and not to use my body as the message center.   MP 8/1/16