PTSD - Is it Treatable?

Yes, the answer is Yes!!!

How do I know?  I have had the honor of helping Veterans with severe PTSD overcome their symptoms facilitating PSYCH-K.  In have been a psychotherapist for 35 years and have been trained in a variety of clinical techniques including Cognitive Processing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as PSYCH-K.  The Veterans I have worked with using PSYCH-K have reported significant relief in their symptoms.  The reason is that PSYCH-K disconnects the emotional charge on a subconscious level from the memory of the event. 

There are many Veterans who have seen and done things that most of us can not imagine.  A common way for them to cope is to not talk to anyone about what they have seen and done but to keep these deep dark secrets to themselves. The consequence of war is that those who have assured their country's freedom live a life of emotional torment.  They can be quick to get angry and even violent. They tend to avoid people and public places. They may resort to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with their pain and suffering and any kind of stress can be very difficult for them to handle so they tend keep to themselves.  

PSYCH-K is a powerful tool that can free a Veteran from his or her demons.  The Veteran does not even have to tell their story of what happened.  This is particularly helpful for those who have been sworn to secrecy or just do not want to talk about what they have experienced.  

Sessions are available SKYPE, phone, or in person.  I am happy to provide a free phone or Skype consultation.  I offer a full money back guarantee for the first session if you are not satisfied.  Put and PSYCH-K and my services to the test. What do you have to lose?   Just click here

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