Biology of Belief

Biology of Belief

What do you really believe about yourself? When did you pick up those beliefs?  Are your conscious beliefs the same as your unconscious beliefs? How do you think these different beliefs impact your feelings, your actions, your health, and your life as a whole?    

Bruce Lipton, PhD a cell biologist has done extensive research in something called epigenitics. He shows how stressors in our lives including negative thoughts and emotions directly impact our cells.  We hear so much lately about our genes and how important they are to our makeup. Dr. Lipton, however, turns that thinking on its head and shows us that in fact our thinking causes our genes to change.   

So what does that really mean?  Our thoughts are very powerful! Especially our subconscious ones because they drive 95% of our behavior.  When we start looking at and dealing with our subconscious thoughts and traumas we can start living a more full and satisfying life.  

Dr. Lipton's work summarizing his findings, is entitled "The Biology of Belief", He has also written "Spontaneous Evolution".  See Video



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